About Us

A bit about who we are

Eco Log Homes offers a host of timber construction methods and finishes to suit every taste.

We build with timber frame, post and beam, as well as single and double tongue-and-groove (TNG) heavy solid log and offer cladding including smooth fibre cement siding, Nutec as well as log profile cladding for a ‘log home’ look.

Interior finishes include smooth fibre cement board, fire-stop gypsum board or timber cladding. These can all be customised to suit your particular taste in colour and texture. Roofing options include shingles, thatch or Chromadek roof sheeting.

All structural timber and solid log and log profile cladding is of FSC certified SA Pine. Our structural timber is treated according to timber treatment regulations.

Eco Log Homes is accredited by the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and builds strictly according to all building standards and code. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that your timber frame or log home project is in the most capable hands.

The case for timber in construction

At Eco Log Homes, our work is underpinned by the incredible properties and manifold benefits of the gift of the humble tree: wood.

Timber construction is a traditional, yet modern building method and can play a profound role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. It offers the homeowner and property developer in the know a kinder, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient building option that has been tried, tested and performed exceptionally well over centuries.

Timber construction comes with a number of benefits, not only for the home owner, but for all involved along the value chain; the architect, specifier, builder, the environment and the green economy. Benefits of timber construction for all:

  • Financially viable and, provided the investor meets the bank’s regular credit criteria, the banks will bond your timber frame structure.
  • Built to last. Today, wooden structures exceeding 500 years of age still stand proud and tall. With today’s engineering technology and preservation techniques, timber construction is for life.
  • A supporter of the green economy and the many jobs that come with it.
  • Flexible in terms of design. With timber construction, the client and architect can realise their wildest dreams with timber. Timber is so versatile that design changes can be made and implemented during the project construction without substantial losses or rework.
  • A great insulator. Timber itself has excellent insulating properties, but its cavity walls can be densely packed with bulk insulation material for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Kinder to the environment. With timber frame, structures can easily be built on the most sensitive and hard-to-reach sites with very little disturbance to the surrounding environment.
  • Fast construction time.
  • Timber has a strength-to-weight ratio that outperforms that of convention building materials.
  • Built to standard, timber performs just as well as any other building material under fire conditions.

But what about the forests?

At Eco Log Homes, we recognise (and love) that home owners and businesses are becoming increasingly more concerned about the environment and insist on being educated about the origins and lifecycle of the things they buy. As a substantial investment in a greener future, the same is true for your timber frame or log home project.

All timber used by Eco Log Homes is from commercially run plantations, not natural forests. The timber we source for our projects is only from responsibly managed FSC certified plantations and, being under excellent management to global standards, is considered a sustainable resource.

Eco Log Homes has a solid reputation and builds across South Africa and abroad. We take pride in crafting every project we undertake to your exact needs.