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How much does a high quality timber home cost?

As a very quick general guideline, between R 10 000.00 and R 12 000.00 per m²  for a complete home or as per the examples below;

  • A 160m² 3 bedroom home will cost +- R 1 600 000.00 to build.
  • A 200m² 4 bedroom home will cost +- R 2 000 000.00 to build.

Please note that m² rates can only be used as a guideline. Final quotes are done based on complete architectural plans.

Architectural Plans

The first step in any building process is to draw up a complete set of plans (including a window and door schedule, an electrical and plumbing layout, sections and specified finishes, for example cladding, roofing, flooring etc).

You will need to get architectural drawings done and approved by your local council.

We have a professional architect that can assist you with your plans.

Feel free to contact us should you already have a set of plans or would like us to assist you with a set of plans.